Lacking space and in need of a custom bed head? Do you dream of having a movie bed? One of the concepts of Home Staging is to revalue your home with little money. Imagination will be our main ally!

Sébastien Robert gives advice to make an original head
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In this bedroom in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona we create, for less than € 50, a beautiful custom head before its release on the property market.

Using wooden slats we assemble three rectangular squares of the same size. Once assembled and anchored to the wall, we finish off the set with a wider slat as a shelf, allowing us to place decorative

elements on it.

To finish, we painted the head and

the wall in a pearl gray tone to create an attractive contrast.

The best tricks to make yourself a beautiful head


Steel cable, Dignitet 2x20€


6m of fabric 100€

Invest very little money to get a movie room
Room before canopy for very little money
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Sébastien Robert's spectacular work to make a custom canopy

In this project carried out in the Sagrera neighborhood in Barcelona, ​​we created a romantic canopy with fabric and two steel cables.

We bought 6 meters of white fabric at Ribes & Casals (it is always recommended to cut 1m more than expected) and two steel cables at Ikea.

We hang the cables from the ceiling leaving space between the ends of the bed and the wall. Next we made a hem to drag the cable and suspend it on the bed.


Do you want to change the floor of your house for little money?

Change the floor of your house with self-adhesive tiles with Sébastien Robert


XL – 205x95cm 99,00€

In this Home Staging project for real estate promotions we delimit the dining space with an attractive self-adhesive vinyl.

Vinyl is a flexible and easily washable material, the best solution to have a personalized floor for very little.

With this hexagonal pattern we cut the tiles and place them following an original design.

Sébastien Robert created this dining space by changing the floor

Would you like to change the wall of your kitchen counter without going through a reform?


We have the solution! In these two Home Staging projects we place two original vinyls, you will find a wide variety of styles on the market. Versatile and easy to install, you can also place them on furniture, tables or doors.

Kitchen before Sébastien Robert's tips and tricks


XL – 205x95cm 75,60

Lokoloko sticker with hexagons to change the look of the kitchen
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Home Staging project - La Sagrera, Navas

Gorgeous Lokoloko herringbone marble effect wall sticker


XL – 205x95cm 75,60€