In decorating and furnishing this exclusive dwelling located in Barcelona's Les Corts neighborhood, we chose to do so in the currently fashionable "Japandi" style.

"Japandi" boasts a perfect union between the warmth of Scandinavian design and the refinement of Japanese interiors.

In order to create an interior with clean lines but at the same time warm, we began by stripping down the entire apartment. For example, we painted all of the walls grey and the floors and ceilings white. We also replaced all of the faucets, outlets and light switches. We then furnished the rooms using natural materials such as rattan, jute and wood.

The idea behind the home staging of this apartment is clear:
To find its future tenants quickly and to rent it at a better price.

In order to create a unique home, we designed many of the furnishings ourselves.

The living room decor is complemented by a wooden cupboard with sliding doors. The wood strips instill a natural ambience.

In the foyer, you'll find a decorative panel made of wooden strips and a custom-made bench inspired upon those in Finnish saunas.


In this bedroom, we created a raised platform for tatami mats, invoking thoughts of travels to the Far East. 

And as a headboard, we designed a decorative panel inspired on Japanese Byōbu screens, with colorful led lighting which recreates the feel of Tokyoite nights.

Adults and children alike will love the installation and sleeping in this one-of-a-kind bedroom.


Simplicity and functionality were the concepts we used as inspiration for creating the Zen atmosphere of the master bedroom suite. We custom-designed a wooden headboard for the bed and two nightstands.

We chose wallpaper with a seascape motif that stands out thanks to the light that beams down from the headboard. The look is completed by the original designer hanging lamps.

To make full use of the space, we designed a lovely desk where you can enjoy the incredible city views as you work. Along with the desk, we also custom-designed a bench with built-in cupboards.

After a long and tiring day, relax and enjoy a film on the giant screen we've fixed to the wall.

The "Japandi" style is a homage to Scandinavian and Japanese design. The perfect fusion for the ideal home.


Photos: Elton Rocha