Do you want to give a new look to your bathroom or kitchen and you don't have a big budget? Would you like to sell your house at the best price and do not have time to reform it? We give you

9 simple steps to achieve it:

Sébastien Robert advises how to renovate the kitchen with little money


Gently sand the tiles, the paint will have a better adhesion and will fix longer


Eliminate humidity. Thoroughly clean 

walls and tiles

Sébastien Robert's spectacular change with pink and black paint
Home Staging before-after arrow

Home Staging project - Eixample,, La Nova Esquerra

Kitchen renovation project before painting


Clean the tiles again with a

cloth and acetone


Eliminate joints (between sink and

wall for example)

Incredible change for kitchen in Gracia by Sébastien Robert
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Bath before the renovation project in Sagrada Familia


Put bodybuilder tape around the edges. The first coat of paint must be adapted to the substrate.

Ideally, apply a coat of primer.



The temperature in the environment is also important, it is recommended to paint between 15 and 20ºC.

Paint the bathroom in pastel colors to renew the space
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Home Staging project "So Chic"

Change an old-fashioned bathroom in the Clot for very little money


Apply two coats of special tile paint in the color you have chosen. Respect drying times, they are usually 24 hours between hand and hand


To paint tiles it is preferable to use a paint with a satin or glossy finish

Sébastien Robert design in black and pale pink for the bathroom
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Home Staging project - La Sagrera, Navas

Renovate your old-fashioned bathroom with the advice of Sébastien Robert


Once we have finished with the paint, it is advisable to let it dry for another 72 hours before using the bathroom or kitchen again. We finish off the job by laying a new tile joint. So we will get an impeccable job!

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Two-tone design of special bathroom paint by Sébastien Robert

Home Staging project - La Sagrada Familia